The LEGO Movie: Colorful Brick Salad, paired with some adventure wine, and topped with–MY GOD, THIS MOVIE IS GOOD

lego movie

Should I have expected an animated comedy about toys to deliver the most salient points about society since… well… Pretty much any movie I’ve seen? From the not-so-subtle critique of dictatorial government officials to the somewhat-more-subtle critique of social trends, the LEGO movie is, from start to finish, surprisingly political. Sure, the main focus is imagination and the importance of being an individual (a moral that literally never gets old, especially in “kids” movies), but the police are robots led by a bi-polar patsy so, you know, there’s that… Oh, and it’s got an insane amount of heart and is incredibly funny.

The cast is perfect and, what seems like a bunch of really funny people thrown together (which it is), is actually the perfect team for the job. Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Charlie Day, and Morgan Freeman were especially good, but there wasn’t a single voice that felt out-of-place or wrong. Even the already established characters like Batman were handled in such a uniquely hilarious way that even that didn’t feel like a cash-grab move– and I genuinely don’t think it was. I sincerely feel like (studio aside) everyone involved in this project was trying to make the world come to life. They most certainly achieved their goal.

Seriously, Will Ferrell is amazing.

It isn’t just brilliantly written and voiced; it’s also expertly crafted. Animal Logic (the Australian visual effects company behind Happy Feet) did something truly wonderful with this movie, by creating an entire world that genuinely made me feel like I was living in LEGOs. From the water to the little imperfections in the yellow, plastic faces, everything just felt so real.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of The LEGO movie was all the LEGO stuff that they put in. I really don’t want to give any of it away, but anyone who regularly played with LEGOs as a kid will get a pretty serious blast of nostalgia.

The LEGO movie is that rare animated feature that is both hilarious and incredibly intelligent and relevant. Pretty much everyone should thoroughly enjoy this one.

Ten heads of lettuce out of ten.